Diversity & Inclusion in the oil, gas and energy sector creates the best place to work, so we attract and retain the right people. Hence, we need to appeal to people from all backgrounds. Therefore, we need Individuals who offer a wide range of perspectives and skills. Diversity of thinking and experience will be best placed to develop new solutions, boost performance and enhance competitiveness.

We need to secure the future success of the oil, gas and energy industry. So we must do more to attract the right people and retain a diversity of talent, skills, and experience. It is essential our sector can offer inclusive, welcoming and equal opportunities for people from all backgrounds and cultures.

Great opportunities exist

The oil, gas and energy industry is a great place to work. There are extensive opportunities for development for people from a huge range of disciplines and backgrounds. With the challenge of the energy transition ahead, our industry remains an excellent career destination for a multi-generational, multi-skilled and multi-faceted workforce.

Big challenges lie ahead

Making the oil, gas and energy industry the best place to work for the right people will be essential if we are to achieve our goals for 2035 and beyond. As the UK moves towards a net-zero economy, our industry will have a big part to play in providing the technology and the solutions. To do this we need new perspectives, new skills and new ways of thinking. We need to be open to new ideas and provide a welcoming career destination for people from all backgrounds. People who can drive change.

Help shape the future of our industry

We are at a significant moment of change within our industry. Furthermore, as our world turns its focus to the energy transition and achieving net-zero, so we need to cement our industry’s role as a leader and enabler in the quest for a more sustainable future.


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