A Day in the Life…with Carol Doyle

Carol Doyle, Helicopter Pilot, CHC Helicopter

How would you describe your job to a 10 year old?

I asked my nephew this question and I think he answered it better than I could; I’m an oil rig helicopter pilot that drives out to the middle of the North Sea with the oil workers.

What part of your job do you find the most interesting?

Although we regularly fly to the same installations, no day is ever the same, mainly because of weather. All the variation and unpredictability that the North Sea offers keeps me on my toes, which I enjoy.

What part of your job do you least enjoy?

I don’t particularly enjoy the early mornings, especially in the middle of winter but because of the view from my office, I get to experience some spectacular sunrises.

Credit: Stefano Massini

What inspired you to choose your career?

Top Gun…

A number of reasons, it’s something my Dad would have loved to do and from a very young age I shared this passion. I lived close to an army base where I would regularly see helicopters on training exercises which I was fascinated by. Also, I wanted something challenging and this career definitely delivered.

What or who has the greatest influence on your career progression?

Myself. I felt driven to become a helicopter pilot and because of the continuous and intense training it’s always interesting and very motivating and I still have the same enthusiasm for it. Being a helicopter pilot is a huge commitment, and while we get a lot of support from our colleagues and our companies, the onus is really on you alone to keep studying, progressing in your training, meeting the standards and building those flying hours to reach the next step in your career.

Name one practical thing we could do in the O&G industry to shift the dial on equality?

There is so much we still need to do to encourage equality in all industries, but increasing mawareness and exposure and sharing clear information about STEM careers for women and men to children at a young age is crucial.

What is the last song you listened to?

Lenny Kravitz – Fly Away

If there was a parallel universe with another version of ourselves, what job would you do there?

In a parallel universe I’d be Beyoncé’s choreographer and lead dancer and I’d of course be flying my own private helicopter in my spare time.

If you could solve one problem, what would it be and how would you solve it?

Hunger. A cohesive pay-it-forward scheme in all bars, restaurants and maybe even the shops – it’s where you can buy an extra coffee, sandwich, meal etc when you’re paying for yourself, but then it’s available and free for someone who needs it.

Credit: Stefano Massini

Tell us something about yourself that may surprise everyone?

When I was very young, I used to spend hours ‘helping’ (getting in the way) my brother fix cars which influenced me to begin a car mechanics apprenticeship when I left school

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